Vista BootPro allows you to configure multiple operating system installations
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Vista BootPro allows you to configure multiple operating system installations, this isnt something new but even thought Windows Vista improved a lot windows boot loader, it also makes it more difficult to configure or repair it.

A bootloader is a registry on the computer hard disk that lists how many operating systems are installed and where to find theirs boot files, this is easily accomplished automatically during Windows installation or using a Windows command line tool called BCDedit, which is not user friendly.

Vista Bootpro attempts and most of the time accomplishes to manage, backup and repair your Windows boot loader within Windows Vista through a simple user interface. This means that you can install Windows 2000, Xp or any other non microsoft operating system and setup a dual boot configuration in a single or multiple hard drive computer.

Once this has been done, the system will display a menu during system boot process, which allows you to select which will you start.

Vista BootPro requires administrator rights and Microsoft Net Framework in order to function correctly.

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  • User Friendly Interface
  • Free and quick download!!


  • Some operations require adminstrator privilidges or bypassing user account control
  • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework
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